Whether you are making Lamb Ragu in a professional kitchen or apple butter at home, you need a dutch oven to do it properly. While a Dutch oven, also referred to as a French oven, is commonly thought of as a pot for cooking one-pot meals, but they are so much more.

This single piece of cookware is possibly the most versatile item you can own; giving you the ability to bake, stew, braise, fry, roast, sauté, and more. No one appreciates this more than the Staub Company.

Over forty years ago Staub started manufacturing a line of cookware that has become well known and loved by chefs around the world. Based in France, the makers of Staub products take the matter of dutch ovens very seriously. Nowhere is this more evident than in the Staub Round ”La Cocotte” French Oven Pot. Available in many sizes and colors, this dutch oven is likely the finest on the market for levels of culinary art.

Features and Usage

Constructed from traditional cast iron with a highly durable enamel finish, this is a kitchen item you can own and pass down to your children. Staub makes sure that all of their dutch ovens are created with the highest standards in mind.Staub-Round-La-Cocotte-French-Oven-Review

Staub 5 Quart Round Cocotte, Grenadine


They believe their enamel coating is of the finest quality. The enamel coating not only gives you an absolutely gorgeous piece of cookware, but also has improved resistance to scratching and thermal shocking. All of this means the pot will be far easier to care for than others and will not wear out for repeated use.

This dutch oven is quite heavy for its size, which can be cumbersome for some cooks, but lends itself to the heat distribution necessary to work effectively. The Staub Round ”La Cocotte” French Oven Pot can be used on any cooking surface and is oven safe. It is also a great piece to use for serving cold dishes as it stays cold just as well as it retains heat; yet another reason why this dutch oven is indispensable in any kitchen.

What may truly set the Staub Round ”La Cocotte” French Oven Pot apart from all of its competitors is the heavy duty lid. Not only does the lid create an amazingly tight seal, but it has what Staub calls ”built-in spikes”. Spikes in a pot lid? Yes, though they are not sharp as you may think. When the ingredients in your dutch oven heat and begin to produce steam; that steam rises. The risen steam collects on the inside of the lid in the form of condensation.

As gravity pulls the condensation down the domed slope of the lid, the condensation runs into the “spikes” making it release from the lid and go back to your ingredients. This entire process translates into a dish that s more flavorful, moist, and nutrient rich. At the same time the Staub Round ”La Cocotte” French Oven Pot ensures that your meal cooks evenly and stays as tender as possible.

What is the difference between the Round Cocotte and the Dutch Oven?

As far as, it’s only the shape.the Dutch Oven has the same nipples on the inside of the lid for better braising. We love the Round Cocotte and use it often. I also have a LeCruset oval Dutch Oven which I rarely use anymore. The Cocotte lid fits much better and the size is more convenient.
The different names are used to differentiate the shapes at the market, the ovens themselves do the same thing. The different shapes work to accommodate different kinds of foods.
When braising, you want the food to mimic the shape of the cooking vessel as close as possible, with as little space around the food as possible.

This results in a more concentrated flavor. The same principle applies to the height of the vessel — ideally, you use the shallowest vessel possible that will fit the food. The shorter space the moisture has to travel inside the pot, the less dilute that moisture and flavors will become, and the yummier your food will be. So, use the oval dutch oven for longer roasts, whole chickens, etc. The round one for everything else. And shallower ovens aka braisers for cut up chickens, short ribs, fish, etc.


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