For the millions of treasured recipes that require slow, even cooking, a dutch oven is the preferred cookware. Built to withstand heat for prolonged periods of time, even heat distribution, and retaining moisture, dutch ovens are a tool that every kitchen should have.

Whether you consider yourself a gourmet or a busy parent who needs to get dinner on the table, using a dutch oven for soups, stews, meats, and complete meals will make your cooking experience truly enjoyable.

In the late 1940’s a Minnesota housewife, and her husband who had just returned from the war, created the company Nordic Ware. Starting out with just four cookware products with Scandinavian roots the company has now grown to produce many different types of cookware that are sold globally.

Features and Usage

The Nordic Ware Pro Cast Traditions Enameled Dutch Oven was developed with food and family in mind. As the company is still family owned, they have spent generations perfecting this dutch oven to perform admirably. Unlike other Dutch ovens, Nordic Ware has constructed theirs from cast aluminum as opposed to cast iron. The cast aluminum provides heat conduction that is more uniform than cast iron. This also allows for a dutch oven that will heat more quickly.Nordic-Ware-Pro-Cast-Traditions-Enameled-Dutch-Oven-with-Cover-Review-012

Nordic Ware Pro Cast Traditions Enameled Dutch Oven with Cover, 6.5-Quart, Slate


Another benefit of a cast aluminum dutch oven is that it weighs far less than a typical iron dutch oven. This means that it is both safer and easier to work with. The enamel coating on the interior and exterior of the dutch oven allows for hassle-free cooking and cleanup. There will be no more worrying about food sticking or a pot that has to be soaked and scrubbed. In fact, while the Nordic Ware Pro Cast Traditions Enameled Dutch Oven is not recommended for dishwashers, it is simple to clean with warm water and soap. The interior is black instead of beige, so even if it is used daily it will not show signs of wear.

This dutch oven can be used on any type of range and does exceptionally well on gas stoves. It is completely oven safe up to 500 degrees, though is not meant for induction methods of cooking. Showing yet further innovation and ingenuity, the makers of Nordic Ware designed this dutch oven to have an air-cushioned bottom. This design allows the air to circulate underneath the pot creating rapid, even heat distribution.

In case you needed another reason to buy from Nordic Ware, their products are completely American made. Their facility started with only two employees and has grown into a thriving business that provides employment to over 350 people in and around Minneapolis, Minn. Additionally, all Nordic Ware products are made with environmentally friendly practices and sustainability in mind. Add all of these features to a lifetime limited warranty from defects on their Nordic Ware Pro Cast Traditions Enameled Dutch Oven and you have a sure winner.

Ease of Care
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