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How To Make Ice Cream With Dutch Oven?

You need : 

1 cup milk ½ teaspoon vanilla
1 cup heavy whipping cream 10 oz frozen or fresh fruit (strawberry’s, blueberry,
½ cup sugar mandarin orange’s ect)


Combine all the above ingredients in the bowl and mix well. Pour into the high capacity lid of your dutch oven. Use the grill for a lid to your high capacity lid by turning the grill upside down on top of the high capacity lid and wrap both lid and grill in a old shirt or big bath towel.

Place the unit down in a cooler with dry ice wait 5 min. Remove lid and stir, cover back up for 10 to 15 more min. Keep checking and stirring until the ice cream until it is frozen just the way you like it. 

Note: the aluminum model of the Dutch oven works best because it cools down so quickly. And it will not rust!

Bon Appetite


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