Our ancestors had to cook over an open fire for hundreds of thousands of years. Now, any meal you could want is either in a pouch or a box and technology have advanced us to near instant cooking with the microwave oven. All of these leaps forward have taught many of us, especially campers, that the only way to have a truly tasteful meal is to go back to the basics; build a fire, stoke some coals, and cook in a dutch oven.

What To Look For in a Camp Dutch Oven

If you are interested in cooking outdoors you definitely want the best possible dutch oven. In order to find the right one, you need to know what to look for. Your first consideration must be material. Camp Dutch ovens are made from two materials: cast iron and aluminum. Cast iron is the best, but it is heavy. Campers who hike into their camp occasionally choose aluminum.

The next thing to consider is the lid of the oven. Camp ovens need to have a lid that has a flanged(raised) edge and is wide enough to keep coals and ash in place. It should be flat so that you can stack other ovens on top of it allowing you to serve multi-course meals or a large number of people.LODGE-DEEP-CAMP-DUTCH-OVEN-Review-02

You will want your camp dutch oven to have two other physical attributes: legs and a strong bail. The legs should be at least one inch long so that you can put coals under the oven or between stacked ovens. The bail is a wire handle that allows you to hang your oven over a fire and you carry your oven with it. It must be made from a heavy gauge of wire to support the weight of a full oven. It should also be attached to a cast piece of metal instead of being riveted on.

Lodge Deep Camp Dutch Oven


Lodge Deep Camp Dutch Oven, 10 Qt


One of the top camping dutch ovens available is the Lodge Deep Camp Dutch Oven. This model has all of the features that you need: cast iron construction, durable legs, heavy gauge wire bail, and a flanged lid to keep coals in place. All Lodge products are pre-seasoned so that you can take them from the box to the fire. As an added bonus, you have the security of knowing your oven is manufactured by a company that has more than 100 years of experience.

The Lodge Deep Camp Dutch Oven is available as a 5, 8, or 10 qt pot, giving you the flexibility to cook meals for any size family. Each pot is five inches deep. The 5 qt is 10 inches in diameter with the 10 qt being 14 inches in diameter. All three sizes feature a lid that can be inverted for use as a griddle. With the lid inverted and the oven in use, this is the only piece of cookware you will need for any camping trip!

The Lodge Deep Camp Dutch Oven gives you all of the durable features that you need, backs them up with a lifetime warranty, and throws in the added bonus of being very affordable. With all of these features, you may never have to buy another piece of cookware in your life!

Ease of Care
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