Have you ever baked a cake on a barbecue grill? Have you ever baked delicious lasagna over an open fire?

When asked these questions, most people would probably respond with “No, and why would I want to?” And, these do sound like silly questions at first until you consider the amazing piece of cookware that has allowed people to do these very things due to power outages, or just wanting to bake without heating up the kitchen.Le-Creuset-Dutch-Oven

This piece of cookware is the beautiful and efficient Le Creuset Dutch Oven. Specially crafted from cast iron with an enamel exterior in a multitude of colors, the superiority of the Le Creuset Dutch Oven will make the cook long for the other pieces of this amazing cookware.

Constructed With Care

The first thing that most people notice about the Dutch Oven is its weight. Its heavy cast iron construction allows for even heat distribution without “hot spots” that sometimes occur with other cookware. At first, it may seem to take longer than usual to heat up. This is due to the pot’s unique, hand-crafted, construction that distributes the heat evenly throughout the pot as it is heating up, an aspect that will be greatly appreciated when the finished product is ready to serve.


The Le Creuset Dutch Oven, unlike other cookware (whether or not it is constructed of cast iron), can be used on all heat sources. This is not true of conventional cast iron cookware, or even aluminum or stainless steel cookware. This pot can also be used on top of the stove, or in the oven. It does have a plastic knob on the lid, but this knob is heat resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Every single one of these pots is hand-crafted in France, giving even greater assurance of quality and durability. Since Le Creuset is a French branch name, English-speaking people often misspelling it as Le Cruset or Le Crueset. Moreover, there are Chinese fake products that utilize those misspelled names. Don’t get fooled, the real brand name is Le Creuset.

Clean-Up Le Creuset Style

Another outstanding feature of this unique Dutch oven is the easy clean-up. Because the heat distribution is so uniform, reducing “hot spots”, foods do not scorch and stick in this pot. Clean up can be accomplished usually with a paper towel or a non-metallic scouring pad (if needed). Or, it can be washed in the dishwasher safely and beautifully, unlike conventional cast iron cookware.

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What Can I Cook in a Le Creuset Dutch Oven?

It would probably be easier to list the things you cannot cook in a Le Creuset Dutch Oven because the list is short, or nonexistent. Anything that you can bake, slow-cook, fry, roast, or just heat up, can be cooked in this Dutch oven, without the necessity of using several pans in the preparation process, as is sometimes needed with other cookware. For instance, when using a slow-cooker, it is usually recommended to sear, or brown, meats before combining with other ingredients. Since you cannot sear in a slow-cooker, you must use a frying pan before transferring the meat to the slow-cooker.Le-Creuset-Dutch-Oven-04

Le Creuset Dutch Oven available in twelve colors

Not true with the Le Creuset! In this amazing Dutch oven, you can sear the meat right in the pot and then add the other ingredients as the recipe directs.


As with any cookware product, there are a few caveats to be aware of before buying the Le Creuset Dutch Oven. The oven’s cast iron construction makes it heavy to handle, which may pose a challenge to people who are disabled or unable to lift heavy objects.

The price may seem prohibitive to some, as a typical Le Creuset Dutch Oven costs between $250 to $300; however, it should be taken into consideration that the cookware comes with a 101-year warranty (no kidding). So, in essence, it will never wear out and you will never have to replace it.
Also, be aware that if exposed to extreme heat, the enamel can darken in color. It can also develop stains over time (patina), but these are removable with special cleaners.


Purchasing a Le Creuset’s Dutch Oven is more than a purchase – it is an investment in quality that will serve well, and will do so beautifully, for many years to come. The lovely enamel is available in several colors, giving this Dutch oven the ability to go from stove, or oven, to serving on a buffet or table beautifully.



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