Cooking over an open fire is a great way to relax and enjoy a wonderful night in the wild. It can also be a huge hassle if you do not have the right camp dutch oven. Some cookware is difficult to clean up, may rust, or is just too heavy to carry into a remote campsite.

For some, the solution is to use an anodized aluminum dutch oven for their camping needs. One of the best anodized camp dutch ovens on the market today is the GSI Outdoors Hard Anodized Dutch Oven. Here are a few reasons that this oven made this list of the five best camping dutch ovens.

Physical Properties of the GSI Outdoors Hard Anodized Dutch Oven

The GSI Outdoors Hard Anodized Dutch Oven is available in a variety of sizes from 10 inches in diameter to 14 inches in diameters. The smaller sizes nest inside the larger to make carrying multiple ovens more convenient.

Each size features a flanged lid that will seal tight enough to bake bread. The flange is large enough to keep coals and ash in place and out of your meals. The lid handle is tall enough that the camp chef can use a lid lift tool, helping them avoid burns while checking the progress of their meals.GSI-Outdoors-Hard-Anodized-Dutch-Oven-Review

GSI Outdoors Hard Anodized Dutch Oven


The GSI Outdoors Hard Anodized Dutch Oven has two other physical features that are very important in camping dutch ovens: legs and a heavy gauge bail. The legs help you control the heat within your oven by giving you enough space underneath to add coals when needed. They also make it easier to stack ovens. The heavy gauge bail allows you to easily hang your oven over a fire and to carry the full oven to your serving area.

Advantages of Anodized Aluminum

Anodized aluminum offers two main advantages over a cast iron camp oven. The first is weight. The GSI Outdoors Hard Anodized Dutch Oven ranges in weight from 3.9 lbs for the 10-inch oven to 9 lbs for the 14-inch oven. A cast iron camping dutch oven that is 14 inches in diameter will weigh nearly 30 lbs. Those 21 lbs of pack weight can mean the difference between a successful trip and frustration.

The second is that anodized aluminum never has to be seasoned and should never rust. It is also easier to clean than many pieces of cast iron cookware. Imagine never having to worry that your oven is completely dry before you break camp or having to reseason it.

The Downside of the GSI Outdoors Hard Anodized Dutch Oven

None of the five best camping dutch ovens is perfect. The GSI Outdoors Hard Anodized Dutch Oven has one main downside; it is made of aluminum. Aluminum is a much softer metal than cast iron, thus prone to dents. In most cases, a few dents will not matter, unless they are around the rim of the oven. A single dent in that area will prevent the pot from sealing properly, interfering with its ability to cook properly.

Overall, the GSI Outdoors Hard Anodized Dutch Oven is a versatile camp dutch oven that will offer you a lightweight solution to extended hiking and deep woods camping that you may not find with cast iron.

Ease of Care
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