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Enameled Cast Iron

An enamel dutch oven made of cast iron or even porcelain will absorb the fire or heat source and distribute it evenly through the food, cooking it slowly and through and through. A Dutch Oven has a tight lid to keep in moisture and juices when cooking and this will help to marinate a roast or other types of meats so they are cooked evenly and will be tasty and tender.

The enamel coating is to help protect the cast iron or porcelain base of the cookware and is typically long-lasting and comes in a variety of bright colors to match any kitchen decor. People cooked with cast iron cookware and in Dutch Ovens a long time ago and they are experiencing a resurgence and with the addition of the enamel coating, they are lasting longer, protecting people from the metals contained in some of the older cookware in addition to looking nice.


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