There is something about cooking over an open fire: dishes seem to be more flavorful and filling. Maybe its the fact you are outdoors and enjoying yourself or perhaps it is the added bonus of using a cast iron dutch oven.

Either way, you need the right camp dutch oven so that you can cook over coals properly. The Camp Chef Deluxe Dutch Oven is one of the best cast iron dutch ovens on the market and may be the right choice for you. Below, you will find some of the reasons why you should choose the Camp Chef Deluxe.

Top Reasons to Buy the Camp Chef Deluxe Dutch Oven

When shopping for a camp dutch oven, you need to look for several physical attributes. These include: a flat lid to keep coals in place, legs, heavy duty cast iron construction, and a bail that is made from heavy gauge wire to carry the oven with and hang it over a fire. The Camp Chef Deluxe Dutch Oven has all of those features plus the lid is deep enough to double as a 2 qt skillet. The lid also has legs to keep it above your coals. The legs on the lid allow you to use it as a serving trivet as well.Camp-Chef-Deluxe-Dutch-Oven-Review

Camp Chef Deluxe 9 1/3-Quart Dutch Oven


Cooks face several challenges when cooking with a dutch oven. One is being able to monitor the temperature of their dishes without having to lift the lid. The Camp Chef Deluxe Dutch Oven overcomes that by having a built-in thermometer channel so you can keep an eye on the internal temperature of your food. Another challenge appears when a cook needs to remove the lid. Since the lid is made of cast iron, the heat from the fire will transfer to it, exposing cooks to potential burns. With many ovens, you must buy a lid lift tool, but this oven is shipped with a lift tool included.

Seasoning a cast iron dutch oven properly can be challenging, especially for first-time users. To help with that Camp Chef pre-seasons this oven and includes a dutch oven starter booklet that offers seasoning tips.

Perhaps one of the most interesting features of the Camp Chef Deluxe Dutch Oven is the national park commemorative that is forged into the top of the lid. You can choose from several national parks including Grand Canyon National Park and Yellowstone National Park.

Camp Chef offers a limited one-year warranty on all of its camp dutch ovens. The warranty covers defects in the materials used and workmanship for one year from the day of purchase. While that is a good warranty, Lodge offers a lifetime warranty on its products. While this isn’t a deal breaker, it is something you should be aware of.

Overall the Camp Chef Deluxe Dutch Oven is one of the best camp dutch ovens available today. It has all of the features that you expect in a great dutch oven, plus the added bonuses of a thermometer channel and having a lid lifter included.

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