When I was younger my father and I would always go on these awesome camping trips. They were one of my favorite past times. What man doesn’t love going on an adventure up in the mountains? Most people who camp would tell you that everything you eat out on a camping trip is ten times better then it normally would be at home.

My dad would always lug around a Dutch oven and cook the best meals I’ve had up to this day. In the morning we would have bacon and eggs. At night some beans or better yet the best blueberry cobbler I’ve had in my entire life.

I loved that Dutch oven and now that I have my own it’s a big part of my life. I love to cook with my Dutch oven. I’m here to try and convince others to go get a Dutch oven and to start cooking. I don’t know anyone who has been disappointed by owning one.

I just want to share some quick tips that will help people buy and use their Dutch ovens. In my opinion men become more manly if they have a Dutch oven. There you have it this blog is to show people that cooking with a Dutch oven is the best way to live life, indoors, and outdoors.